Psychotherapy in Northern Ireland, specialising in Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling

About Zannie Barrett

Zannie Barrett is a psychotherapist, trainer and group facilitator specialising in a process known as Symbolic Modelling using Clean Language which utilises the innate resources and wisdom of each individual to facilitate their own development and self-awareness through their own words, language patterns and metaphors.

Having trained as an artist and dancer, she lived in London for 25 years whilst painting, working in the antique textiles business and pursuing a passion and curiosity for how all of life works. Personal development became a profound pursuit, involving extensive training in healing, intuitive diagnosis and the study of human relationships.

Zannie spent nine months in India, an experience that would change the course of her life. Having always enjoyed singing, she then trained as a facilitator of the expression of our genuine, uninhibited singing voice.
She sings as a soloist as part of a women's singing group in Belfast and has been living in Northern Ireland since 2004.


Zannie has an honours degree from the University of London and two post-graduate Diplomas in Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy and also Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. She is an NLP Master Practitioner and a fully trained facilitator of Symbolic Modelling using the Clean Language of David Grove. She is trained in Eye Movement Neurointegration.

Accredited as a psychotherapist with the Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association (NLPtCA), Zannie is also registered with and a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Supervised by a UKCP registered psychotherapist and NLPtCA recognised supervisor and as a member of NLPtCA, Zannie adheres to their code of ethics. Copies of the Code of Ethics and Complaints Procedures are available at

Psychotherapy-related Work

Zannie currently works in private practice in Northern Ireland; at R.E.A.C.T. in Armagh and also with adult Dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions such as Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia.

2010-14 Zannie was a Board Director of NLPtCA and then in the role of Accreditation Registrar until 2018.

Between 2006 and 2011 Zannie was an Associate Psychotherapist at the Conflict Trauma Resource Centre in Belfast
, working with individuals traumatised or impacted by the violent conflict in N. Ireland - also working as a group facilitator on residential weekends.

Zannie conducted a research project: ‘To model how 6 people in Northern Ireland aged between 52 and 63, live with a sense of meaning and purpose having been part of the violent conflict and experienced multiple traumas’. She also
provided Group Facilitation for the R.A.Y.S. (Reaching Across to Reduce Your Risk of Suicide) group in Belfast, entitled: 'Encouraging Confidence in Public Speaking'.

Together with Marian Way of Clean Learning (Southampton)
Zannie co-trained Clean Language training in Belfast and has since run several introductory trainings herself. Assisting on numerous Clean Change Company (London) Clean Language Trainings provided a solid foundation for this work.

Zannie worked for Training Attention Ltd., (Liverpool) as co-trainer of Clean Language for NHS NorthWest senior managers towards becoming executive coaches and Zannie co-facilitated 60 teenage school students over 2 terms at Andrew Marvell School and Pickering High School in Hull.

Singing is a great love and Zannie has run several voice workshops in London, Lancashire and Lisburn.

Psychotherapy-related Training Courses

Sulis Consulting: Eye Movement Neurointegration    2014
Northern School of NLP: Diploma in Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy (38 days)    2006-2008
Northern School of NLP: NLP Master Practitioner Certificate (20 days)    2006
Northern School of NLP: 3-day Module, Clinical Practice for Therapists    2006
Symbolic Modelling using the Clean Language of David Grove
- Modules 5-8, 12 days  (    2006-7
Northern School of NLP: NLP Practitioner Certificate (20 days)    2005
Symbolic Modelling using the Clean Language of David Grove
- 8-day training, repeated in 2004.  (    2003
Bert Hellinger Family Constellation weekends x 4, London    2000-2002

Full Course Tomatis Listening Therapy        2002
Naked Voice, Bath: Vocal Facilitator Training (30 days)    2001-03
National School of Hypnosis and Advanced Psychotherapy, London
- Diploma in Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy        1989-91